Our FIVE Anchors:

  • Recruiting. If God has placed a dream on your heart, West Ohio is the land of innovative opportunities. Our rich heritage of bold leadership has established an exciting path for those with the entrepreneurial gifts to start something new. Because of our renewed missional focus, we are positioned to see a rebirth of the Church through creative new worshiping communities.
  • Assessing. Healthy church plants are led by a different type of leader; one who possesses a specific set of entrepreneurial skills. Formal assessment is a vital part of the church planting process. Our assessment process highlights both the strengths as well as the relational IQ. Our goal is to place leaders in a position for maximum kingdom impact through alignment with West Ohio’s strategic plan.
  • Training. Growing leaders have growing churches. West Ohio will partner and walk along-side you by providing practical training from experienced leaders. All of the approved candidates will take part in the Greenhouse training program. This training will help support and equip you from pre-launch to post-launch. Training will be offered both live and online. We are committed to helping and supporting you through strategic implementation.
  • Coaching. Church planting is lonely. We believe strong coaching through the life cycle of the plant is essential. In West Ohio, you will be partnered with one of our trained and experienced coaches from the NCS coaching network who will walk the journey with you. These coaches will be paired with you based on your specific context.
  • Funding. To plant a church effectively, it takes a significant amount of money. We believe each plant is different and should be resourced based on the leader and the leader’s vision. Our goal is to resource our planters to allow you to focus more on the mission.