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To be a diverse movement of church-planting churches in the West Ohio Conference.

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Nationally, new United Methodist worshiping communities are outperforming all other new churches. There’s never been a better time than now. Here's why.


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Starting a new church is one of the most effective forms of evangelism. Are you passionate about reaching new people for Jesus? Does the idea of starting new things excite you? Take a preliminary Path 1 assessment.

2018 NCS Grant Recipients

Meet the team of West Ohio church planters who are leading the new worship centers awarded 2018 grants.


….is the average worship attendance of United Methodist church plants by their 5th year.


….of people attending United Methodist church plants were unchurched.

84 commitments to Christ made in new United Methodist Churches by their 5th year.

Now is the time…


Why are we so excited about our West Ohio United Methodist New Church Starts? Let our church planters and other leaders tell you why they are so committed to this bold way of making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.



Our Small Team with Big Ideas

Allyssa Graves

  • Brad Aycock

Brad Aycock

Brad Aycock is the Director of New Church Development for the West Ohio Conference. He loves to start new things and has helped launch two businesses and three worshiping communities. Brad enjoys sports of all types and tried out for the Cleveland Indians. He and his wife have two young sons.  #gocards

Our Church Planters

Meet the recipients of our 2018 New Church Start (NCS) Grants

Joe and Allyssa Graves

Joe and Allyssa are pastors at Central City Church. Both grew up in Hicksville and Southeast Columbus, Ohio, respectively. Allyssa likes watching TV, reading, and playing with their son, Finn. She is trying to be a vegetarian (so don’t tempt her) and she’s always wanted to be a museum curator. For the last decade, Allyssa lived all over Ohio. Joe enjoys almost anything creative—he has dabbled in poetry, writing, art, painting, and woodworking—but if you ask him, he’ll tell you he is hardly good at any of them. Joe loves watching TV comedies like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Brooklyn 99. Allyssa and Joe recently moved to Franklinton with Finn, and their dog, Stella.

Steve North

Steve began pastoral ministry in the UMC in 1997, going back to school in his 40s to complete a B.S. in Organizational Communication from Ohio University, followed by an M.Div. from Ashland Theological Seminary. Trained for church planting by the WOC, it was while at Ashland that a new vision for being the church began to emerge for Steve. He wrote and researched for more than a year, and eventually became convinced that that vision was something God was calling him to do. In 2006, Steve, his wife, Lyn, and their three teenage children moved to a strange city, without a job or a place to live, to try to do ministry.

Amy Aspey

Amy Aspey is the pastor of Short North Church in Columbus, Ohio. She’s a yogi, a runner, an outdoor adventurer, a traveler and a dreamer on a mission to make a difference. She is passionate about Jesus, strong coffee, good food, family, friends and unscheduled Saturdays. #lovealive

Chris Reese

Chris is an entrepreneur, husband, father, and Grandfather. Chris is a self-starter who enjoys raising up leaders and starting new things like churches and then turning them over to someone else to lead. Chris enjoys riding motorcycles and spending time with his family. Chris is in recovery and his passion is helping those who are caught up in addiction come to know new life through Jesus Christ and the recovery program.

Dave Warner

Dave Warner is the pastor of Engage Newark Church and founding Director of Little Arrows Play Café in Newark, Ohio. With a strong belief in relational discipleship, the team at Little Arrows has met and begun a journey with hundreds of families in the region. Dave enjoys coaching, sports, music, vegetable gardening and spending time with his wife and two daughters. #dadjokesrule

Ernesto Treviño

Ernesto Treviño is the pastor of the Hispanic Ministry of Global Community Church in Columbus, Ohio and is also assigned to develop the Hispanic Ministry in Northland area of Columbus. He is an Elder of the Methodist Church of Mexico, originally from Monterrey and has been married to Melva for 32 years. They have three children: Melva (30) married to Pat MacMeekin and lives in Corvallis, Oregon; Ernesto (28) married to Dorian Vinocur and lives in Palm Spring, California, and Luis (22) who also lives in California but in Oakland. One of his hobbies is to go for a walk accompanied by his dog, Miley, who has lived with the family for almost 8 years.

Peter Matthews

Peter is the Pastor of Historic McKinley United Methodist Church as well as Director of the Center for Global Renewal and Missions at United Theological Seminary. With the Global Village he assists in revitalizing three congregations and a campus ministry in developing a pipeline for a new generation of persons working in historic African American congregations. Married with two adult sons, jazz and his grandson are his joy!

Tyler Kleeberger

Tyler Kleeberger is the leader of The Farmhouse—a rural church in Metamora, Ohio—centered around throwing barn parties. Tyler grew up in Northwest Ohio, went to university in East Ohio, had a brief stint in Pasadena, CA, and, after leaving the church, moved back to reimagine the church in the farm fields of the Evergreen School District. Tyler is a compulsive writer, a high school football coach, and an [un]aspiring chef with his spouse, Vanessa, and two children. #barnparties

New church starts give us the opportunity to design worshiping communities that speak the language and address the needs of the 36 million Americans that no longer view God as relevant to their lives.

Rev. Linda Middelberg
Superintendent, Capitol Area North District, West Ohio Conference

New Church Starts are outposts of the Kingdom of God throughout West Ohio!

Rev. Dennis Miller
Superintendent, Foothills District, West Ohio Conference

I yearn for churches that see specific populations in their community they are not currently reaching and that seek to establish indigenous and organic faith communities for the sake of Christ’s kingdom.

Rev. Brent Watson
Superintendent, Shawnee Valley District, West Ohio Conference

Church planting is crucial to reaching new persons to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. New faith communities help all our existing congregations focus our attention on the need for hospitality.

Rev. Dr. Todd Anderson
Superintendent,Ohio River Valley District, West Ohio Conference

My heart and my passion is that we have to bring in something new to connect Christ's church to the community. The church must get beyond the 'stained glass window' to connect with the world.

Rev. Kathleen Brown
Director Office of Ministry, West Ohio Conference

The vision and energy that comes with the launch of more new worshiping communities for Christ is like adding rocket fuel to our overall missional movement for Jesus in the West Ohio Conference. May we continue to pray for God possibilities to break through!

Rev. Sue Nilson Kibbey
Director Missional Church Initiatives, West Ohio Conference

Having new churches to reach new people has got to be a vital piece of our strategy to reach and make new Disciples in all of our communities throughout the West Ohio Conference. I am excited about the work that God will be doing in and through these ministries that have yet to be planted!

Rev. Barry Burns
Superintendent, Northwest Plains District, West Ohio Conference

The church must develop new congregations that can develop new disciples who understand the context today. They are the ones who can translate the message and mission of the Gospel into the languages of the people and keep its fire and passion alive and moving in God's world.

Rev. Jocelyn Roper
Superintendent, Miami Valley District, West Ohio Conference

We need contagious pastors who are good preachers to reach new people with the Gospel. The Holy Spirit moves and new congregations spring up.

Rev. Scot Ocke
Superintendent, Maumee Watershed District

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